A micro version of ART&ROSE Gallery is now open in the foyer of The Pocklington Arts Centre. It is small and perfectly formed and provides a scaled-down selection of all the best we have to offer the art-lover and collector, within a vibrant and exciting location. Pop in and take a peek at our little shop and also at the newly restored and refurbished Oak House that is home to the arts centre, plus check out their amazing line-up of events for 2016 or visit them online here

The Bricks & Mortar gallery at number 69 Market Street is now CLOSED.

Soon, a shiny new website will open, where you can browse our virtual gallery and shop till your heart's content from home, or the train, or a laptop in the garden!


to all our loyal customers and followers who have made the last four years at No.69 so successful and enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you at the exciting pop-up events we are planning for 2016 and beyond, where you can still enjoy a little of the old A&R flair for display, entertaining conversation, and insider knowledge!

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